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Business Guest Speaker, Chris Reich, Creator of BizPhyZ
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I developed the Physics of Business™ to stimulate deeper thinking while having fun at work. It is not an exaggeration to say all of the challenges businesses face can be solved with diverse, critical, creative thinking. If you want to develop problem solvers at your business, consider hosting a presentation by Chris Reich of BizPhyZ.

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We want creative thinking but it's not easy to develop. This workshop will teach your team how to use proven techniques to develop fresh, juicy ideas for improving productivity, products and services. Through creative thinking, your team can do more with today's tight budgets.

The Physics of Business™

BizPhyZ is the physics of business. Find ways to improve business through deeper thinking.
The Physics of Business Blog
If you enjoy watching science programs like COSMOS on TV, you'll really enjoy the Physics of Business™.
Here are some quick presentations:
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 BizPhyZ, the physics of business was invented by Chris Reich, Premier Guest SpeakerYour Team Will Be WOWED By The Physics of Business. 
"Wow! That was fantastic! Can you do another 2 hours after a break?"
Happens all the time. Once the concepts are explained, the discussion takes off.
I created BizPhyZ to improve our business thinking and stimulate creativity. There are real answers to real business challenges if we take the time to think. With the right base of ideas, thinking IS fun.
If you want a fun and engaging guest speaker who loves to see a group get excited about learning, you should call me. When your team is having fun learning new things, their minds open to new possibilities. When they see how science and business fit together, the dialogue takes off.
We'll go beyond just a philosophical discussion. We'll explore real answers to real business problems that provide real benefits to your business.
The biggest problem your business faces is caused by something you've probably never heard of. Diversity can give your business a huge advantage if your diversify with the right things. Creative thinking can give your business a huge advantage if you know how to do it.
What is Time?
You will see business in a new way after a BizPhyZ presentation.
Time is hard to explain. Time has some very weird properties. If you could hang out just at the edge of a black hole for 10 years, you would age a few hours while I aged the full 10 years here on earth. A clock on the upper shelf of your book case runs faster than a clock on the bottom shelf. Want to know why?
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