The Physics of Newton took us to the moon.
The Physics of Business™ can take your business farther than you ever imagined. I invite you to meet your imagination.
I make presentations that motivate and improve thinking.  If you are looking for a guest speaker, call me.

Amazing Business Presentations
That Motivate People
and Improve Critical Thinking

To make things super interesting, I use science concepts to stimulate business thinking. It's fun and it works wonders.
Consider questions like:
Entropy is one of the most important quantities in all of science. It eats away at your business every minute of every day.
Chris Reich Is a Motivational Speaker Who Uses Physics to Teach Business!
Do you know what entropy is?
Can you define time?
You want to manage time but can you define time?
Do you know that time passes at a different rates for different people?
How can we manage something we don't understand?
What does change have to do with spilling coffee in your lap?
Change Is a Force That Affects Your Business
Understanding Gravity Can Help You Understand Marketing | BizPhyZ
Did you know that gravity on the International Space Station is just a little less than here on the surface of the earth?
You would weigh only slightly less (6%) aboard the the ISS.
Then why is CSA Astronaut Julie Payette floating? (NASA image)
Understanding gravity is not only very cool, it can also give you insight into marketing.
Yes. Marketing.
Business Event and Corporate Speaker, Chris Reich
Chris Reich, CEO, Speaker
and Creator of BizPhyZ

I am Chris Reich and I want blow your mind with a concept called BizPhyZ, The Physics of Business.

Using really cool concepts from physics, you will learn new ways to look at business.
The science is fun and understandable. The business part will open your mind to looking at business with a new perspective. You will be better at problem solving and creative thinking. And you will improve your business.
I'm very proud of BizPhyZ. I created it. It works. It's fun too.
Would you like a motivating, thought-provoking speaker? Call me.
You will get an interesting and engaging speaker. You will also get motivated people.
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