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Are you looking for a speaker who will entertain and motivate? I use science as a backdrop for very interesting presentations about business. Book a fun, stimulating and interactive presentation now.

Chris Reich Is a Motivational Speaker Who Uses Physics to Teach Business!

If you are looking for someone to speak at your business or business event,
you have 3 options:

1. A big name business speaker
   —That's cool if you can afford $50,000 and up.
2. A "motivational" speaker
   —Real motivation comes from being excited about learning new things. Yes, you're good enough.
3. Get an amazing speaker who will stimulate thinking and spark real, lasting business improvement
   —You will get more done, do better work and have fun learning. The price? That's great too!

Lasting motivation comes from learning new things and having the latitude to try different ways to get more done (in less time).

  • Education: Educated people do better work.
  • Ethics: Ethics matter. Don't just do something right, do the right thing.
  • Excellence: Regardless of the task, striving for excellence is always good.


We'll explore cool things like:

Can you define time?

Do we understand time? Can you define time?

It's harder than you think!

Time passes at different rates under different circumstances. True.
We want more time. We lose time, spend time, save time and waste time.
Learn why time is so difficult to manage!

Change Is a Force That Affects Your Business

What does change have to do with spilling coffee in your lap?

You can prevent those nasty spills!

Understanding Gravity Can Help You Understand Marketing | BizPhyZ

What is Gravity?

You would weigh only slightly less (6%) aboard the the ISS.
Then why is CSA Astronaut Julie Payette floating? (NASA image)
Understanding gravity is very cool and it can also give you insight into marketing.

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