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Wow! I Never Thought About That!

That’s something I hear after every presentation. I use mind blowing principles from science to teach business. Wait! What? That’s right. People love science. They tell me, “this is like getting the Discovery Channel right here at the office”. Learning new things and new ways to think motivates people to do better work.

For example, did you know that whales can make a sound that other whales can hear from over 1,000 miles away? It’s not easy to do but the whales use very complex science to achieve that amazing feat. We don’t know how they know, but they do indeed know. What if you thought about what it takes to get your message across? You might be a better communicator.

Do you know that gravity has nothing to do with attraction? The earth is not attracted to the sun. You’re not attracted to the surface of the earth. If we talked about gravity and how it really works, you would understand more about sales. Yup. That’s true. If you understood gravity you would be far more persuasive. That isn’t some nutty new philosophy. I teach interesting concepts that open your mind to thinking. Thinking. If we all did more thinking, we would all get a lot more done!

What about the creative process? Ever brainstorm for new ideas and come up empty? Did you know that it takes time and a set number of failed ideas to reach a good idea? It’s true. That doesn’t mean you need thousands of hours and millions of failures. You need to understand the creative process and that’s easy to learn. Fact is, you probably quit right before coming up with a great new idea. You can learn the process and it’s fun!

Would your business benefit from lots of new, productive ideas? Well then, why not learn how to generate those ideas!?

How does this work?

First, you tell me about your goals. What would YOU like a business speaker to accomplish? Once I understand your objectives, I will select and then customize a dazzling and interactive presentation for your group. You help me understand what you want, I’ll deliver. Guaranteed! How? You pay after I speak to your group!

Where do we start?

Contact me so I can get your details. Then I’ll give the total cost (you’ll be surprised! I will give you a fantastic deal because I want long-term relationships)

Tell me what you want to achieve from having a business speaker. What date do you require your business speaker? How much time do I have to speak?

You may reach me by  email: Chris@BizPhyZ.com

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Let’s get started! Entropy is already eating away at your day. Don’t know what entropy is? Call me and find out!



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