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Motivating, Energizing, and Fun!

Business Speaker, Chris Reich  (Pronounced Rich)

I am a business adviser, counselor, mediator, and speaker who will spark better thinking and boost enthusiasm in your team. When was the last time your people asked for a longer meeting? That happens every time I speak at a business gathering or conference.  People want more because the way I teach science and blend in business lessons is fun and interesting .


The Ideas Behind BizPhyZ

Why You Should Have Me Speak

You should have me speak at your business because you’ll get exactly what you hoped for. You will get an interesting, fun speaker who will bring enthusiasm and motivation to your event. I love business and science. Together, they make a fascinating and stimulating combination that will be fun for your group and beneficial to your business or organization. You will see a boost in enthusiasm.

What I Will Talk About

Science. It’s sneaky. I will explain things that people never really understood in school. I will explain these science concepts in a way that will engross your team. You will see the excitement level rise when I explain things like: Murphy’s Law is no joke. Things go wrong because they CAN. And did you know there is a real reason we resist change? Did you know that gravity doesn’t attract? How can a rocket work in space where there is nothing to push against? (It’s the same way innocvation works!)

You Will Get Lasting Benefits

Real motivation doesn’t come from a corny pep rally. That can backfire. When people learn new ideas and new ways to approach problems, they get new excitement to use those ideas. Learning is very motivational and that’s motivation that lasts. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? I’ll bet you remember that it’s a nice memory in spite of falling off a few times. Right? Why can’t we have those kinds of experiences as adults—at work? We can.

You Can Afford to Hire Me to Speak

I love to teach and I love to meet new people. I don’t charge insanely high fees. You will get value and I will get an opportunity to do other work with you.  I teach business classes and coach executives. After hearing me speak, many businesses have me conduct classes. The most common class requested? Presentation and public speaking! There’s a good chance you’ll want me to do some more work for you. That’s why I can afford to offer an introductory special. Call to be amazed.

Call for a FREE Sample

I’d be more than happy to share a few ideas with you from the physics of business. Just give me a call.

The Things People Say

Chris, that was great stuff. This is just what I needed. I have been working on something without success for three years and you just gave me the answer.  I heard a couple guys talking about your presentation and they were impressed too. Thank you for coming to our conference.
Richard C.

University Printing Operations

About Chris Reich (Pronounced “Rich”)

I am proud to say that I have been self-employed since the age of 25. My first business was a medical consulting practice. That business evolved into a technology consulting business as computers came on the scene. I sold 2 businesses and moved to the country in 1998. From there, I launced my consulting and executive presentation practices. For 10 years I worked on developing BizPhyZ, the physics of business.

When I’m not consulting, mediating a business issue, or teaching business I am either reading or outside with a telescope. My favorite telescope target is the sun. My telescopes are specialty scopes for studying the sun and solar activity. I’m an avid opera buff too. And if there’s any time left in the day, I’m trying to learn to play a ukulele! (Yeah, I stay busy)

Chris Reich