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Are You Looking for a Business Speaker You Can Afford and Will WOW Your Audience?

“Wow! I Never Thought About That!”

That’s something you’ll hear after my presentation. I use mind-blowing science principles to teach business. Wait! What? That’s right. Don’t you enjoy science when you really understand it? I often hear, “this is like getting the Discovery Channel right here!”

Learning new things is stimulating. Have you ever learned something new and wanted to try it out right away? New ways to look at things motivate people to act. Learning restores enthusiasm too.

For example, did you know that whales can make a distinct sound that other whales can hear and understand from over 1,000 miles away? “There’s food here and lots of hot lady whales!” The whales use very complex science to achieve that astonishing feat. Here’s something. The whale’s secret ties in with one of the most mysterious UFO conspiracies. Would you like to hear the whole story? It will change your idea of communication forever.

Did you know that gravity has nothing to do with attraction? The earth is not attracted to the sun. You’re not attracted to the surface of the earth. If we talk about gravity and how it works, you will understand more about sales and marketing. True.

If you understood gravity you would be far more persuasive. This isn’t some nutty new philosophy. I’ll teach you interesting concepts that open your mind to deeper thinking. Thinking. If we all did more thinking, we would all get a lot more done!

What about the creative process? Ever brainstorm for new ideas and come up empty? You were probably very close to a break-through idea. You could feel it. You just never got there. Why? I’ll show you how to generate loads of new ideas at your business—good ideas. Once you understand the science behind creativity, it’s fun to learn, you’ll have very fruitful brainstorming sessions. It’s fun too! Fun is important, don’t you agree?

Would your business benefit from lots of new, productive ideas? Well then, why not learn how to generate fresh ideas!?

How can we get started? Easy. Just contact me. We’ll go over your date, location, setting, and amount of time I would have to speak. You tell me about your objectives. You’ll get specific answers to all of your questions including an exact cost.

Speaking of cost. It’s risky hiring someone to speak who you do not know. I understand. I’d be nervous too. But you don’t have to worry because I’ve given that a lot of thought. What would make me comfortable if I was in your position? If you didn’t put up any money  before I delivered on my promises, the risk would be on me. I prepare a tailored presentation, pay for my own travel, arrange my own accommodations, then stand and deliver a speech. And if you’re not happy? Ouch for me. No other speaker will give you that promise (that I know of). And my fees? You’ll be surprised at how reasonable I am to work with. No pre-payments or deposits.

What other risks do you have? Will I prepare? You’ll know from our conversations as I plan for your event.

Will you like my style? I will fit your culture. I can be serious, humorous, or somewhere in between. You might say I’m “business casual”. I like to get paid so you can bet I’ll do my best.

How would you like to start?

You may reach me by  email: Chris@BizPhyZ.com

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