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Your Personal Brain: Best $219 You Can Spend (Price Reduced!)

This is one of the best tools I’ve ever come across. If you use it, it will work for you.

What’s It Do?

Imagine being able to take a thought or client or project and connect 100’s of pieces of information with a single click. They call this “mind mapping”. It works.

For example, let’s say client XYZ asks me to work on their marketing. I add a “thought” to my brain. I’ll call it “XYZ”. To that thought, I connect the emails with our negotiations, goals and updates. And then, as I create images and strategies in PhotoShop, Word, PowerPoint and Excel; I can link all that ‘stuff to my “XYZ” thought. But there’s more. As I find websites I want to use as examples, I can link those in as well. And, as I think up brilliant ideas, I can add those to my “XYZ” thought too. As the project grows, the brain grows but never becomes difficult to manage. It’s amazing. And, for the really great part, one click and I’m in “Presentation Mode” which allows me to make dynamic presentations on demand, no prep time needed, to my client! WOW!

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Free? That’s right. FREE. It won’t install anything weird and it won’t mess up your computer. It’s a fully functional program. It won’t be crippled or covered in watermarks. At the end of 30 days, if you decide you don’t want it (but I bet you will), you’ll lose a couple of features but the program will keep working beautifully.