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5 Reasons to Have Chris Reich Speak to Your Group

Call Chris Reich of BizPhyZ: Business Guest Speaker

If you are looking for a dynamic business event speaker who will engage your people, you’ve come to the right place. Chris Reich of BizPhyZ will get your people thinking. They will be motivated to work smarter! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have Chris Reich of BizPhyZ as your business event guest speaker:


#1 The content will be totally original

Chris uses science to teach business concepts. Audiences love the interesting physics he uses to teach important business ideas. You will notice an improvement to thinking and problem solving.


#2 Not boring

They won’t be playing with cell phones as Chris drops science bombshell after bombshell. Do you think you know why you can’t walk through a wall? Bet you don’t.


#3 No time is wasted

Chris will introduce himself and might tell some interesting stories but he jumps right in with an amazing demonstration or topic that will blow your mind. Before you know it, the audience will be clamoring to get their comments in. Full engagement.


#4 Time permitting, every group asks for more

Don’t be surprised if your group wants MORE. Everywhere Chris speaks, the audience consistently asks for MORE. He always arrives prepared. If you have the time, he will have the material. When can you remember your team wanting a LONGER speech?


#5 There are real benefits to Chris’ speeches and presentations

Sure, you can get a comedian or magician to entertain your people. But if you want to see better thinking about business, skip the jokesters and clowns. Go with an experienced business leader who happens to have a science background. Real, lasting motivation comes from education.

So there you have it. These are the top 5 reasons that Chris Reich should speak at your business event.

Call now to discuss the terms. You will be amazed at how reasonable it is to have Chris Reich speak at your business event. The results are the best part!

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Chris Reich of BizPhyZ will get people engaged and thinking!