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Current Solar Physics Data

Directly from NASA SOHO Servers

This is the latest image from
the SOHO satellite. Yes indeed! This is an up-to-date image of our sun in
H-Alpha fed directly from NASA! (304 Angstroms)

If you have special (expensive!) equipment, you can actually see this from your home. Expect to spend about $6,000.


(Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope: 284 Angstroms) images the solar atmosphere at several wavelengths, and therefore, shows solar material at different temperatures. In the images taken at 304 Angstroms the bright material is at 60,000 to 80,000 degrees Kelvin. In those taken at 171, at 1 million degrees. 195 Angstrom images correspond to about 1.5 million Kelvin. 284 Angstrom, to 2 million degrees. The hotter the temperature, the higher you look in the solar atmosphere.

This image shows the magnetic interaction of sunspots (if any are present).

This image will clearly show coronal holes if there are any. Coronal holes appear as large, dark or black areas.


When you see a coronal hole appear, expect a flow of solar particles about 6 days later.



Pay close attention the magnetic loops (credit: NASA, SDO)

Carbon at 1600 angstroms. Look at detail around spots. (above)

(Above) Look for CMEs!


White light image from SOHO showing sunspot detail (if any).




Courtesy of SDO (NASA) and the [AIA, EVE, and/or AIA] consortium.

Solar Wind—24 Hour Plot

X-Ray Flux (Look for Spikes!)

Sunspot Data