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Row Clouds, sometimes called Roll Clouds

It’s fun to learn about the different kinds of clouds. Clouds can tell you a lot about what’s going on up there. They form when the air is moving in a given direction and gets mixed with warm air rising and cold air descending. This causes a section of cloud to roll. As a section rolls, it creates a gap and the next section rolls and then the next until a cool set of rows forms.

You can often see a solid cloud mass break into rows within a short time. Watch the sky on days when you get a temperature change. If the temperature drops and there are clouds, row clouds often form.

I said that the collision of warm air and cold causes this effect. Let’s think business for a moment.

Ever see groups form within your business? This often happens when various people in authority take differing positions. The warm and cold meet and the people affected will naturally fall into groups. Row clouds are fun to see in the sky but when groups form within a business it is a sign of a management problem.

For a given issue, decision, plan—whatever—in a business, if all management isn’t of the same temperature, rows form. It is important that all managers be of the same temperature on every issue. For example, let’s say the company is considering the launch of a new product. One manager likes the idea and one opposes it. The owner is somewhat quiet on the issue. Employees will be rolled be the difference if they are aware of it.

That’s when the owner needs to make her position clear. When middle managers differ in vision, the business has a problem to correct.

What to do?

Build a culture of cohesion. Require it. Once a decision is made, everyone needs to be on board. There is a time to disagree and a time to come together. Don’t underestimate the danger of having a split culture. It can lead to internal strife and lost productivity.

In partnerships, it can lead to the destruction of the business.

Chris Reich, BizPhyZ