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Because There IS a Science to Business

Stimulate Thinking!


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There is a science to business.

Are you looking for a speaker who will entertain and motivate? I use science as a Chris Reich of BizPhyZ uses Physics to teach business ideasbackdrop for very interesting presentations about business. Book a fun, stimulating and interactive presentation now.

If you are looking for someone to speak at your business or business event,
you have 3 options:

1. A big name business speaker
—That’s cool if you can afford $50,000 and up.

2. A “motivational” speaker
—Real motivation comes from being excited about learning new things. Yes, you’re good enough.

3. Get an amazing speaker who will stimulate thinking and spark real, lasting business improvement
—You will get more done, do better work and have fun learning. The price? That’s great too!

Call me! I guarantee you’ll love the physics of business!

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I like to follow the moon cycle to plan my night time astronomy.