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Those Huge Full Moons!

Ever see a super big full moon rise over the roof tops? It looks gigantic, doesn’t it? I have a surprise for you. It’s not big at all. It’s not much bigger than it ever is. Sure, there is a little variance in the distance between the earth and our moon but it’s not enough to make the moon appear a lot bigger.

So why does it look so huge? It’s purely a trick of the mind. The full moon rises at sunset. That means the lighting is dramatic. The sun sets and the moon rises. It’s not totally dark. We notice the moon and see it relative to things we know are smaller like trees and roof-tops. The brain makes a little adjustment and tells you this object must be bigger.

Like many issues we face in business, the mind plays its tricks. Many business problems appear bigger than they are. That misconception causes us to freeze up. We stall. Who wants to deal with a big bad mess.

Have you ever noticed that once you start to work on that “big” problem that it gets resolved easier than you thought it would?

You saw that problem as bigger than it was because it rose among the regular events which made it seem bigger.

Let’s go back to that big moon. Want to prove that it’s smaller than it looks? Hold a dime at arm’s length. Pretty small isn’t it? It’s our smallest coin and at arm’s length, it’s really small. At arm’s length, that little dime will completely cover that giant full moon.

That puts that in perspective.

Next time a problem arises, before getting stressed about it, take out a dime. It will remind you that it’s all a matter of perception.

That’s why I keep a dime on my desk.

That’s physics. That’s business. That’s the Physics of Business. Fun isn’t it!

Chris Reich, BizPhyZ