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Looking for an Amazing Business Speaker?

There is a Universe Full of Motivation Available!


Don’t settle for just another business speaker.

There are billions and billions of opportunities ahead if do something fun: THINK!

Would you like a business speaker who will rock your team?

I’d like to be “that guy” for you. I have amazingly interesting talks about science that apply to business. No, this is nothing like the science we all learned in school. You’ll understand concepts that you never fully understood in school and you’ll have a blast.

You’ve heard about the Higgs Bosson, right? Would like to understand it? And what if I could get your team excited about a subject like that and then switch to business in a way that smashes misconceptions and sparks new energy? Wow!

I recently gave a 2 speech for a business group and at the end, while I was gathering up my stuff, the host told me that the group wanted to know if I could continue for an additional 2 hours! Have you ever heard of a group asking for a longer speech? I’ll bet your will. I’ll take that bet right now.

That happens so often that I always arrive prepared to “go long!”

I have a number of topics we can include in your program. But here’s something very unique. I love to motivate and teach. Every talk I give is customized to your wishes. If you want a morale booster, I’ll boost morale. If you want to see more critical thinking I will stimulate critical thinking. Would you like to see your people speak with confidence? Done. Want to see them better with customer or vendor interactions? No problem.

Here’s the secret. I have 30 years of experience as a business consultant. I have advised CEOs and top government officials. I’ve even worked with celebrities. Though I love to teach science (did you know it’s a lot cooler on the surface of the sun than it is 1,000 miles up?) but my real goal is to help business.

If you want a business speaker who will make a valuable contribution to the success of your business and the development of your team, you’d be crazy not to call me. My rates are amazing too. (I know I’ll be back!)

Thank you for reading this. Now would you please call me to talk about your goals and to get a no-sales-pitch price?

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Chris Reich
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