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Do you like learning about the mysteries of science when explained clearly? Do you like it when you learn about how you can apply the ideas from science to your daily life? That’s what I do with science and business.

I start by telling you a cool story about a scientific discovery. Then I explain it in a way that you wish your teachers had taught you in school. This is fun for me because I love seeing the enthusiasm explode as your group has their “ah ha moment”. Then I ask the question, “can you see how we can apply this to our business?” Things always take off at that point.

I have lots of very cool science topics to discuss with your group. They always get the discussion going. I like interactive presentations filled energy, do you? It’s my job to satisfy you with my style and presentation. I will too! I have to because you pay after I deliver. That’s right. You have no financial risk. When I am finished speaking and only if you are happy do you hand me the check. No deposits. No Pre-payments.

Here’s how you book me. First, we talk about your requirements. Dates, amount of speaking time, and your objectives. You tell me what you want to achieve. I will provide you with suggestions that I believe will achieve your goals and make you look good. You will have an exact, all-inclusive cost when we talk. You will love my low rates and great service. If you approve, I will tailor a speech or presentation to your goals. On the big day, after I deliver an amazing speech to your group, you hand me the check. You can’t lose.

When I talk about cool science concepts you can hear a pin drop—except for when the interaction takes off! Then you can’t hear anything because the whole crowd will get excited and join in.

Do you have a sales team? My talk about gravity will not only amaze your group but they will look at sales in a whole new way.

Would you like to learn about a very, very basic law of science that NASA forgot about until it nearly killed an astronaut? You can prevent errors and problems at your business by understanding 1 basic law. And it’s a lot of fun to explore!

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