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The Halo

There is a halo effect in business. Ever notice that some companies always seem to have public support no matter what is said about that company? And some companies are reviled at the slightest misstep. The companies that are always in favor are under the halo effect.

A good example might be Apple. Apple garners support of a very loyal following regardless of stories about labor abuse in China or tax evasion in Ireland. Walmart has no such halo. Every piece of negative news spurs outrage.

See the interesting parallel of science to business? While the heat may be on, it can be cool enough to see a halo at some businesses.

How do they do it?

The work at it. They foster a close relationship with their base.

Does your business do that? It should. If your business has no halo when the heat is on, you need to start an initiative to build that relationship with your customers. It’s worth it.

Chris Reich, BizPhyZ


Chris Reich Is the Inventor of BizPhyZ, the Physics of Business

The image at left is called a solar halo. You see them when the sky is gray. The ground temperature isn’t important as you can see halos on cold and warm days. What are they? Solar halos are ice in the upper atmosphere. Yup, ice. It can be 100 degrees F on the ground and there will be a distinct halo around the sun and it’s always ice. Ice refracts light giving us the halo.