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We don’t think. Within an hour of visiting any business I can find ways to save time and produce a better work product. From the front desk to the CEOs chair, there is a lot we can do to improve every business. We forget to think.

An Example from SpaceGene Cernan

Let’s use one of Newton’s Laws as an example. We all know that for every action there is an equal and oppo
site reaction, right?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even the top scientists at NASA forgot about this basic law when preparing for the moon missions. One of the early tasks was to see if astronauts could do work in space. Eugene Cernan was tasked with a spacewalk to test a backpack
designed to let him move independently of the spacecraft.

Putting it on took almost all the strength out of him. Every pull or push would send him spinning in the opposite direction!

“Lord, I was tired. My heart was motoring at about 155 beats per minute, I was sweating like a pig, the pickle was a pest, and I had yet to begin any real work,” Cernan wrote in his memoir, Last Man on the Moon, about the experience.

Later, simply turning a valve took so much effort that his heart rate reached 170 beats per minute. The NASA doctors thought they might lose him to a heart attack!

Turning the valve one way sent Cernan spinning the opposite way! Why? Newton’s Law was forgotten. Why? We are used to working where gravity holds us in place. There is an opposing action to everything we do.

We have to remember the ‘opposite reaction’ law in business. Every action has an opposing reaction. Do we always consider that? If we launch a new product, what does that do to the old model? If we praise Sally, how does John react? We seldom take the reaction into consideration. That often leads to unintended consequences.

Start the Discussion!

That’s just one of the many interesting examples of how I use science to improve business thinking. How do you suppose NASA solved the problem Gene Cernan discovered? How can we use this to improve business thinking skills?

If you think stories from science are interesting, and if you want to improve the critical thinking of your team, let’s talk about arranging a presentation or workshop at your business.

What’s That Got to Do with Business?

Let’s think about this for a moment. The best brains in the country worked on our effort to get safely to the moon and back. What happened? They forgot about one of the most basic laws of physics. Every kid can recite that law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Even though all of us know this law, few of us stop to think about what it means. Do you know why a gun kicks when you shoot? There is equal force bushing you backward as there is pushing the bullet forward. The backward force is spread out over a bigger area so it doesn’t kill you. But have you see videos of big artillery guns firing? They really push back with force,

When Cernan turned the valve, there was equal push against him in the opposite direction.

When we make business decisions do we always consider the reaction? Do consider all the impact on all the people involved? Remember, for EVERY action there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction. Wow. That little revision to your return policy may have a quite a consequence if the opposite reaction is focused.

There are dozens of scientific principles and laws that affect us every day. Let’s talk about them!

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Chris, that stuff about entropy was just incredible. I have never heard anything like this and yet it makes so much sense. I can’t wait to get back to my business and get to work. This was a very exciting presentation. Thank you.

Jim S.

Gymnastic Training Center Owner

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