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What Is Time?

You have to know if you want to manage it!


We want to make the best use of it. We don’t want to waste it. We can’t make more of it. Sometimes it seems to go very quickly, sometimes it drags.

When we run out of it, we’re in trouble.

When we have too much of it, things get disorganized.

But what is time? Does time have a flow? Is time travel possible? Can we manage time?

If I ask a group to define time, it’s very hard for them to put a definition in words. Can you?

Not easy, is it? If we cannot even define time, how can we manage it?

There are answers to these questions. I would like to explain the physics of time to your group. Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated. Best of all, it’s a fascinating topic to discuss. And once we begin to understand time, we see why things go wrong and how to prevent that in the future. We can make better use of time. We can get things done on time. We can make better use of time too. We just need to understand what time is.

Did you know?

When you’re in an airplane, time flows at a slower rate for you.

If you put 2 clocks on a bookshelf, 1 one the top shelf and 1 on the bottom shelf, they will experience time at different rates? (It’s been done and proven)

If you have more time than you need to complete a project, you probably will not complete it on time. (Same applies to budgets)

This presentation will engage and stimulate your team. It will change the way they think and it will make them more productive. It will improve planning.

If you would like a guest speaker who will bring a totally unique message to your team, call me. I will make the time to talk with you!

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I’ve never seen a presentation like this. That was very interesting stuff and my crew loved it. We have a lot to think about and changes to make. I feel like we just discovered something big. Thank you.

Business Owner