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Science Gives You an Advantage Says Chris Reich

Science Gives You an Advantage: Win a Bet

An interesting question comes to mind. If you make a bet, a bet you can win because you have knowledge, is that unfair? It’s not secret knowledge.  In other words, does learning give you an unfair advantage in life? Interesting question.

Here’s a bet you can win every time.

See the clouds in this picture? When your sky has clouds, any clouds will do except for a solid sky of clouds, pick a cloud and bet that you can make the cloud disappear with the power of your mind. Just about anyone will take that bet.

You will win every time. Watch the cloud you chose and within a couple minutes, it will disappear. I wouldn’t choose a huge cloud because it could take an hour for it to melt—but it will! All clouds are constantly forming, melting (blending back into dry air) and reforming.

Try it! You’ll be amazed.

Does knowledge give you an unfair advantage? In business, an advantage is valuable. An advantage directly translates to gain. So why do we stop learning? Too busy? Too tired? I think you need a good teacher. That’s what I do. I stimulate thinking to give you an advantage. Knowing that all clouds evaporate won’t give you a huge advantage in life.

Think carefully. The point of this post isn’t about clouds, is it?

Chris Reich, BizPhyZ